How to penalize Dollars in world market

Published on by adnan munir

From ancient period of time man wants to rule the world and to achieve those objective they seems to fight wars and different countries capturing land to become Super Powers, grab the money as a winning prize and rule the world at different mode of time.

Its an amazing history from ancient time different civilization pose threat for different states to capture the land.

From Roman to Muslim Empires, Colonials to Americans and so on.

During these time Super powers currency always been at the dominating side.

Reason to be against Dollars:

Dollars weak can relief poor nations who are under severe problems of lending back all the loans that have taken from foreign western countries, weaken dollars will help their cause.

Destroying Dollars powers:

Dollars can be weakened in following ways are as follows:

Muslim nations as a united front trading in their own currency using O.I.C. forum.

Muslim can invite China and have a joint venture with Muslim nations to trade in local currency rather than dollars.

European countries prefer EU currency over dollars for trade purpose.

China and Muslim nations can trade on gold rather dollars so that movement of dollars need to be stop to devalue it.

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