How to Save Big Cities from Terrorism

Published on by adnan munir

Public to much critics about terrorism, say a lot about but no one seems to be interested about giving solution.

Terrorism effect mostly to human lives and destroy economy. Countries need to maintain safe their big cities in order to make their economy going.


As far as solution is concerned few steps need to be taken in order to minimize the threat are as follows:

  • Snipers Shooters be placed at the top places of big cities and intelligence must be present at the ground level so they inform sniper shooters about that, once they get inform about terrorist shooters should shoot the target.
  • Any high value target arrested must be punished publicly, must be live telecast that have or continue to have an impact on society.
  • Camera to be placed secretly in every places of cities.
  • Jamers must be placed in that way it covered whole cities.
  • Big cities need to be divided into 5 or 6 district and every district need to have entry gates & no other places should be provided so any offenders would have any chance to create problem.
  • House to house checking on sample basis to pose threat on the mind of every person.
  • Selling weapons need to be banned.
  • Street beggar who beg daily need to be used for intelligence purpose.
  • On sample basis private conversation need to be monitor.
  • Sim allotment must not be made unless approved by intelligent sources.
  • Material used for making bombs and explosive must have a higher prices and must not be given until the purchaser verified.
  • Every district their should be a dog which can help identify bombs or elsewhere.
  • Every entry gates of every district must have a electronics machine to detect bomb.
  • Every terrorist act must have a follow up so that main culprit need to be search who engineer or plot these act
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