Pakistan Allah nigehban

Published on by adnan munir

Pakistan is saved because of Almighty Allah not because of us.

Reasons for saying are as follows:

Bomb blast in 2005 across 500 in major cities of Pakistan.

The most corrupt elite class posted on top in Pakistan.

Tax Revenue Board getting millions of Rupees Corruption money in their pocket.

GST increases reducing purchasing power of middle class.

No wealth Tax imposed on rich will poor man is facing tax burden.

No meritocracy.

First strick force is fighting insurgency.

Active border on both sides of the country.

Three educational system working.

Country divide into two thought, Liberal and religious.

80% population not have a money to eat one time food in a day.

Country facing sectarian violence.

Judicial system is weak too much that a common man can not get justice.

50% of population can not have a pure water for drinking.

20% population don’t have a washroom to use it.

Political parties have armed wing and killing human being every day.

Loadshedding destroying industries.

Flight of capital.

Indystries leaving because of shortage of gas, increasing unemployment.

Extortion money been asked to give at gun point for business individual.

Media destroying future prospect of country by focusing on introducing western culture.

Criminal not hang publically because of foreign pressure.


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