Water Saving or Storage

Published on by adnan munir

Water can be saved through following ways:

Drinking water and water used for bath or elsewhere should be supplied separately in that way that water for drinking should be supplied from river and other than should be supplied from ocean.

Big water storage system should be made so that water can be saved for farmers when raining stop in dry season.

Openers in houses should be such kind that any way it should not supply water fast.

Wastage of water should be punished.

Planting should be done every part of the country so that it will be facilitator for raining to occur.

Pipelines should be tightened in that way make sure that any drop of water should not be wastage.

There should be a Campaign for water storage country wide so that message for water saving should be spread across the country.

Black market for water supplier need to be punished hard so that example to be made for upcoming generations.

Billing system need to be changed, those using more water need to be taxed more so that government can run the campaign of water saving in that way also.

Alternate machines should be used to make ocean water to be useful for drinking purpose.

Raining water can be made useful for house use purpose if government can make water storage system to save raining water and purified through latest


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